STOIK Stitch Creator


Transform your images into your own counted cross-stitch patterns


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If you're fan of cross-stitch and you want to improve your technique to be able to do something besides those traditional paper patterns, you can use STOIK Stitch Creator to transform your favorite images into a cross-stitch pattern in a few easy steps.

The application imports your picture to its interface so you can edit and adjust it to the grid. Once it's created you can manually edit it with the tools included in the program to get the best possible results. It doesn't matter where you get the picture from – hard drive, scanner, or the Internet – STOIK Stitch Creator can convert any of them into cross-stitch patterns.

The program includes filters for different patterns and different thread colors, as well as a list of many recent brand catalogs.

STOIK Stitch Creator always shows you a detailed preview so you find any possible mistakes before you print the image.

Trial version works for 15 days.

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